Construction of Sudervė city sewage treatment facility

Reconstruction of sewage treatment facility of 10700 PE capacity according to population equivalent.

December, 2009 – December, 2010. Project „Construction of Sudervė sewage treatment facility“.

We have designed and newly constructed sewage treatment facility:

Construction of sewage treatment facility of 1315 PE capacity according to population equivalent

  • Average day yield – 153 m³/d.;
  • Utmost day yield – 205 m³/d.;
  • Capacity according to population equivalent – 1315 PE;
  • BOD 7 – 600 mgO2/l;
  • General nitrogen – 94 mgN/l;
  • General phosphorus – 22mgP/l;
Contract value: LTL 2 970 907,80 (excl. VAT)

We have constructed and performed:

  • General construction works of: anaerobic chamber, active sludge denitrification chamber, secondary settling tanks, active and surplus sludge pump-houses, sampling premises;
  • Mechanical works in: grating construction, aerobic capacity, secondary settling tanks, sludge drainage and compaction premises, laboratory;
  • Electro-engineering works: reconstruction of transitional and allotment shields, new allotment shields, laying cables, grounding, outdoor and indoor illumination, lightning protection;
  • Process management and automation works: licensed software SCADA, coordination, start-up, telemetric pump-houses control system.
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