Development of water supply and sewage systems in Dusetai

Construction of 9.7 km water supply and sewage systems; reconstruction of current sewage pump-house and assembling of new ones.

October, 2009 – February, 2011. Project „Renovation and development of water supply and sewage treatment infrastructure in Zarasai district“ in the object „Development of water supply and sewage systems in Dusetai town, Padustėlis ir Užtiltė village“.

We have designed, newly laid, reconstructed and newly constructed:

  • Laid 1630,6 m of water supply sectional systems with branches DN 32 – DN200 from PE pipes;
  • Laid 7024,3 m of sewage sectional systems with branches DN110 – DN315 from PVC and PE pipes;
  • Laid 1013,1 m of pressure sewage line DN90 from PE pipes;
  • Sewage pump-house has been reconstructed, where joint constructional maintenance works have been performed (equipment and automation have been changed and maintenance of constructions has been performed). Capacity of pump-houses 12,5 m³/h. – 1 unit;
  • 6 new sewage pump-houses have been assembled 4,2 l/s capacity – 2 units., 4,3 l/s capacity – 2 units., 5,8 l/s capacity – 1 unit., 8,3 l/s capacity – 1 unit.

General value of performed works is LTL 5.178.919,66 (EUR 1.499.918,80).

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