We act as general contractor, specializing in renovation and construction of engineering systems (water supply, sewage).

Since 1999, we act as general contractor in the scope of construction and renovation of all engineering systems, applying conventional and trenchless technologies. We specialize in the following fields of construction of engineering systems:

  • Trenchless proceedings;
  • Excavation of conventional trenches;
  • Restoration of sewage treatment systems;
  • Installation of reservoirs;
  • Laying of casings.

We work with the largest Lithuanian companies.

We work with most of Lithuanian companies specializing in the fields of construction, road construction, as well as the Environmental Project Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

We guarantee accountable and successful project management.

We perform the tasks of general contractor responsibly, safely and cost-effectively. We lead the project from the very beginning to the final accomplishment of the project. We operate in the following stages:

  • During the project planning (preparation) stage we communicate with our client, jointly determining tentative project amount and selecting the most appropriate industrial technology.
  • During the projection stage, we cooperate with projectors, seeking for constructive solutions and appropriate materials. We select reliable subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We implement the project precisely, safely and on time.

Execution of works is supervised by skilled specialists (engineers); all our workers are highly qualified.
Each stage of works is supervised by our qualified construction and work managers. All our employees are experts of a certain field, having theoretical knowledge and applying it in practice, interested in innovations and contributing to our success.

Successful application of modern technologies, expansion of scope of services, mechanization of works and constant investment into innovations are the key elements, granting us with competitive superiority among the other organizations specializing in the scope of construction of engineering systems.

We only hire reliable subcontractors and supplier.

We closely cooperate with reliable companies, capable to ensure high-quality and responsible provision of services and implementation of our projects. We select our subcontractors with full responsibility, considering their experience, capacity, appreciation of clients and other general contractors.

We know our market very well; therefore we select other companies according to the specificity of the project.

We only use tested and certified materials to perform our tasks.

During our work, we only use high-quality, certified, safe and tested materials. Direct cooperation with main suppliers enables us to work with low costs.

We only cooperate with reliable suppliers, such as: Pipe life, Wavin, Kačmarek, Hobas, Amiantit, Amitech, Chuanto musons, etc. We also guarantee we only use the best in the world equipment.

We guarantee the quality of our works and perform the maintenance of installations during the guarantee period.

Being one of the greatest and the first company specializing in the field of trenchless technologies in Lithuania, we have a 15 year practice in performance of projects of various complexity, therefore we guarantee, that:

  • Your project will be accomplished well and on time;
  • All tasks will be performed by qualified, professional workers (we employ approximately 180 workers, having už to 26 years of work experience);
  • The cost of accomplished project will not exceed the actual market price (we benefint from extremely high productivity of work).

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