Construction and renovation of engineering networks using trenchless and conventional methods
We have laid thousands of kilometers of engineering networks

We are the very first and one of the largest companies specializing in trenchless technology applications in Lithuania – we construct and renovate pipelines since 1995.


Our specialists are skilled and experienced in the field of application of modern technologies, mounting methods, design, project management, etc., therefore we perform the proceedings of any complexity.


We own the most capable equipment for trechless works in Lithuania. Every year we review and update our technical base. We use all our equipment for own needs, as well as offer it for rent.

Development of water supply and sewage systems in Kaunas district
Construction of water supply and sewage systems of 31 km; assembling of sewage pump-houses.
Development of water supply and sewage systems in Dusetai
Construction of 9.7 km water supply and sewage systems; reconstruction of current sewage pump-house and assembling of new ones.
Construction of Sudervė city sewage treatment facility
Reconstruction of sewage treatment facility of 10700 PE capacity according to population equivalent.
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