During 16 years of our activity, we designed some innovations, easing our work.

As we constantly seek for perfection of our works, we pay significant attention to their refinement. Therefore we invented several methods and equipment for repair of trenchless pipes: trenchless repair of underground pipes, method and equipment for thermal hydro-insulation of structures in aquiferous soil, repair equipment for engineering systems in aquiferous soil, equipment for removal of internal seam in polyethylene pipes. 

„Lightweight concrete“ helps avoid potential dangerous situations and additional investment

Cooperating with professors of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Department of Building Structures, we designed a solution for filling inter-pipes (hollows, emerging when an old pipe is installed into a new one). We invented a new grade of concrete and called it „lightweight concrete“, as the weight of this concrete is less than that of water. This concrete enables to install old pipes into new ones. While filling the empty cavities in inter-pipes, drying this concrete saves the pipe from bending (deformation). Thus potential dangerous situations are avoided, whereas the lifetime of freshly laid pipe is prolonged. 

Telescopic floorings help renovate old pipelines even in the narrow streets of old-town.

Telescopic floorings enable easy access to pipes, avoiding destruction of road or other surface. These floorings are applied, when pipes are restored in busy streets or locations where streets cannot be fully secured. The method of application of these floorings is similar to mounting of manhole rings, when one ring is pushing another, thus reaching required depth.

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