Specialized Services

We usually perform specialized activities, excavating trenches (applying trenchless or trench method) or liquidating accidents.

We also perform all additional tasks, required for preparation of work site. We install bearing walls, protecting excavated trenches from collapsing, avoiding destruction of the road surface or surrounding structures.

We own special equipment, reducing the level of ground water; therefore we can work under any circumstances and during any season.

We also perform open excavation tasks.

In objects, where application of trenchless technologies is impossible, or they are not necessary, we apply conventional, open excavation methods. Excavation tasks are performed manually or using excavation equipment.

Rapid and precise liquidation of accidents.

We promptly react to accidents. We also take care of all required permits to perform tasks in busy streets, parks, reservations, etc. We are certified to perform various construction tasks, we have specially trained employees and all equipment required for liquidation of accidents. Applying TV diagnostics method, we determine the exact location of accident. We review a video record and select the technology for removal of accident, most appropriate for a certain situation.

We restore sewage treatment systems, as well as install reservoirs – we are capable to accomplish projects of any complexity.

We restore sewage treatment systems, install reservoirs, etc. We own all equipment required for restoration of sewage treatment systems and installation of reservoirs. This equipment enables more precise and rapid detection of failures, identify the background of soil, as well as other factors relevant to construction or renovation.

Execution of works is supervised by skilled specialists (engineers); all our workers are highly qualified.

Each stage of tasks is supervised by qualified construction managers, having up to 26 years of experience. Construction managers possess all required certificates and constantly update their knowledge in various training courses, applying new skills in practice.

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For more information please contact us via phone: 00 370 5 215 2235 or email us at: info@grundolita.lt